Helping Newbies.

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/25/98

        Hey - if this does ever get through, since it appears that the
list has been lockewd down, I have a rather large spec_proc which I won't
post in its enterierty here, cause well, its > 200 lines, i'm sure.

        Basically its the entire wand of wonder from somewhere which i'm
sure is copyrighted, so i won't mention them.  I'll send it to George, and
hopefully he'll be good enough to post it.  Pretty much its a single
routine which does the following, and more, pretty much randomly:

        Summon rhino, elephant or mouse,
        Fire out projectile gems
        Perform a triple lightnig bolt.
        Blind everyone in a zone
        Turn someone to stone!
        Make it appear to the caster that one of the above happend, when
it didn't.

        Its all written pretty much as simply (or inefficiently if
you'd like), and gives pretty good example code for most common functions.
Though it may take a bit of wading to get through everything, it was kinda
fun to write, and took only maybe two hours, between alcholic substances
(hey - i ran out of Mt.Dew, and its either beer or Texas was
past noon _SOMEWHERE_ in the world.)


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