Re: [NEWBIE] Clan coding

From: David Wiklund (mathrim@HEM1.PASSAGEN.SE)
Date: 04/25/98

Open up structs.h and search for CON_OEDIT I think that should it will look
something like this :

#define CON_OEDIT        17             /* OLC mode - object edit       */

Now you will probably have a #define for CON_CLAN_EDIT
And as you probably will see is that CON_OEDIT and CON_CLAN_EDIT has the
same number... now change CON_CLAN_EDIT to the next number in line. (check
at the end of the list)

So it will look something like this.

#define CON_OEDIT        17             /* OLC mode - object edit               */
#define CON_REDIT        18             /* OLC mode - room edit         */
#define CON_ZEDIT        19             /* OLC mode - zone edit         */
#define CON_MEDIT        20             /* OLC mode - mobile edit               */
#define CON_SEDIT        21             /* OLC mode - zone edit         */
#define CON_CLAN_EDIT 22          /*  Clan Edit                         */

Now the numbers are depending on what you have implemented before but you
should get the idea...

        YT 7David Wiklund

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