Re: [OFFTOPIC] Circlemud design issues

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 04/24/98

On 4/24/98 1:29 PM, Chris Powell (darkness@CHESHIRE.GATOR.NET) stated:

>> Actually, if you noticed earlier, Chris Powell (I believe), has a Pentium
>> (dual?) II with 384 MB of RAM.  Quite a bit larger than mine, and most of
>> the MUD hosting services give AMD K6/200MHz or better.
>Nope not me, although I can dream :)  I just got a lowly 486/100 32MB.

Heh, Different Chris - me, Chris Jacobson.

Its not actually mine, wish it was!  It's MudsRUs' ( -
best MUD service provider out there, they actually aim to please, and its
not a completely for-profit venture, its really done for fun as a
sub-project by two sysadmins of - so prices are reasonable -
$35/month for 80 meg disk, no ram/cpu limit, 80 max connects!)

- Chris Jacobson

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