Re: [IDEA] Translucent Population

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 04/25/98

Eduo wrote:
> Laik, Nfuko, Ujolo, Slovu, Tugep, Gilagar, Peknaraka, Urti, Fligo, tildan,
> Balypyl, Isejyn, Lfeky, Telt, Sirasyl, Tunoken, Dundy, Fleeklyl, Fadded,
> Veet, Motiv, Ojevyn, Slity, Jyme, Kebak, Telytil, Tynsar, Kadry.

I rather like a few of those names.  Tildan, Isejyn, Sirasyl, Motiv,
Tynsar, Kadry, Tunoken, and Laik all sound like genuine fantasy names as
chosen by PCs.  Slity, to be perfectly blunt, sounds like either the
of a thief/murderer or a prostitute <cough>.  The more 'playful'
names might go well for different races.

Hm, it'd be interesting (though perhaps too much work for too little
to use Sound-ex and some rules to determine the race of a person based
the name.  The rougher sounding names would probably be those of orcs,
the more playful names those of feys (faeries): Sirasyl, Telytit...:)

> This can be worked on, but I think it'd make a good starting point.
> Coupling this with a random mob generator (based on templates on for stats
> with upper and lower levels per zone and on randomly chosen adjectives
> from lists for descriptions) would be great as an addition to make
> "translucent population" a part of the mud and add to the flavor of a town
> or a mud itself ("feel" that there are more players is as rewarding as if
> they were there, the "fake" players I'd have could even show on "who"
> listings..:)

The problem I see is the longetivity of the generated mobiles.  It's
obviously not a good idea to have them suddenly disappear for no reason.
Nor is it desirable to have them appear out of thin air.  For instance,
I would be rather curious if I came from a room with only one exit (the
way I entered) and there was noone else in that room.  And then a few
seconds later, another seemingly PC comes flying out of it like a bat
of Hell...

> BTW, having a very simple parsing mechanism for tells for these Pseudo-PCs
> would add a lot, if only to answer a set of five or 10 phrases (the most
> common, like "hello", "who are you", "where are you" and the like).

I think giving them a little random "personality" would add a great
I for instance, tend to "bow" rather than respond with "Hello"; others
might say "Hi", "Aylo", or whatever.  This is almost necessary for
role-playing, where different mobiles should have different responses
depending upon where they are from and who they are.  For hack-n-slash
MUDs, this can add to the feel that these are actual players, not just
generated mobiles.  Even though, I suppose, people could tell by just
looking at the "who" list...:\


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