Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Weather zones.

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 04/25/98

> >Tu programa se ve bastante bueno, lo he corrido en mi mac (en virtual pc)
> >y se ve bien. Si necesitas ayuda o comentarios dejamelo saber.
> >
> >Por otro lado, sabes tu si el c++ builder puede salvar como applets de
> >java? Si se pudiera seria ideal, no para los usuarios de Windows sino para
> >nosotros, los usuarios de mac o unix..:)
> WHAT?????
> Excuse me for not running over to the nearst book-store buying a
> "self-teaching" book on whatever languence that was. I can tolerate
> absolutely hard-core talk about programming most dosnt understand. Because
> Circle is about programming, but this! No way!

It's Spanish.  I don't speak it very well, but here's a rough

  Your program runs well, I have ran it on my Mac (on a Windows
  I guess [en virtual pc literally means "in/on virtual PC"]) and it
  good.  If you need help or comments let me know.

Eh, the rest of the message (starting with "Por otro lado" which means,
believe, "On the other side/hand") essentially is about using Java so
the program isn't just for users of Windows, but also for those who use
Macs or Unix.

Sorry for being off-topic (again),


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