Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Weather zones.

From: Eduo (eduo@CIATEQ.MX)
Date: 04/27/98

On Sat, 25 Apr 1998, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> > WHAT?????
> > Excuse me for not running over to the nearst book-store buying a
> > "self-teaching" book on whatever languence that was. I can tolerate
> > absolutely hard-core talk about programming most dosnt understand. Because
> > Circle is about programming, but this! No way!
> It's Spanish.  I don't speak it very well, but here's a rough
> translation:

I sent a message a few minutes after saying I was sorry but I later
noticed it hadn't arrived to the list. It seems I had been using "reply"
to post to the mailing list for over a year now and my alias (addressbook
entry) was not updated to the new address. I saw this later last week when
my "translucent people" mail didn't reach the list after four attempts (I
wasn't receiving error messages nor confirmation messages).

I'll repeat it here:

I am sorry, I realized just after hitting ctrl-x that I had sent the mail
to the list, I tried to apologize right away but the apology didn't reach
the list. I felt stupid then and still feel stupid this thread keeps going

Kill it, ban it, whatever..:)

And Dak, BTW, the translation was ok, pretty much what I had said to
Leonardo (and yes, I do run Windows programs in Virtual PC, a PC emulator
-not Windows emulator- that runs on my mac).


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