[CODE] Code sharing, re: scan request

From: Mark Gerritsen (m.p.h.gerritsen@STUDENT.UTWENTE.NL)
Date: 04/27/98

Don't you just hate when you get used to CTRL-e for skipping to the end of
the line in pico and it's "send mail" in your mail program? *sigh* sorry.

I've written my own scan command (the one i found on the ftp-site didn't do
everything i wanted it to do) I remember someone asking for a scan snippet,
but i forgot who it was.

I also implemented an alternative approach to the summon/nosummon thing.
The summon spell notifies the victim a summon is issued, by who and from
where, and then (s)he can decide if (s)he wants to answer the summon or not.
If anyone's interested...

Havoc of Dagmarck (Mark Gerritsen)

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