Crypt with Red Hat 5.0

From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 04/25/98

I just upgraded to Red Hat 5.0, and (like most others) ran into problems.
I had fixed the (circle_)restrict problem before doing the upgrade.

Instead I hit the 'crypt' problem. I couldn't search the archive because
the search function is broken, but after about 30 minutes of searching I
found the following fix:

Posted by: Jared Buckley
(He gives credit to Blue Lang and George Greer for guidance)

In Makefile change:
../bin/circle : $(OBJFILES)
        $(CC) -o ../bin/circle $(PROFILE) $(OBJFILES)

../bin/circle : $(OBJFILES)
        $(CC) -o ../bin/circle -lcrypt $(PROFILE) $(OBJFILES)

It gets rid of the errors, but I've found that in the past that a lack of
errors doesn't always mean a lack of problems.

Is this the "correct" way to fix this problem?


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