Re: Crypt with Red Hat 5.0

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 04/26/98

This is what I was given and it worked wonders..

1)  Glibc has more built-in functions that libc.  Chances are you'll get
messages warning you of duplicated functions.  What you want to do is in
sysdep.h comment out or otherwise get rid of lines that include crypt.h
or declare random(), srandom(), ntohl(), htonl(), or htons().

2)  In comm.c, you'll get an signed/unsigned int comparison error.  To
correct this, in new_descriptor change the variable "i" from int to
unsigned int.

3)  Before running configure, you'll need to locate the line in that reads:

        $(CC) -o ../bin/circle $(PROFILE) $(OBJFILES) @LIBS@

and change it to:

        $(CC) -o ../bin/circle $(PROFILE) $(OBJFILES) @LIBS@ -lcrypt

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