affects function

From: Jon Barrett (mixtli@SINFO.NET)
Date: 04/27/98

Greeting everyone.  I have made a simple funtion that displays the current
_spell/skill_ affects on a character.  I have sent the a snippet to George,
but if you want a copy and its not on the ftp then just drop me an e=mail.
Here is a small expalnation of it.

  This small function will display a well organized list of all of the chars
spell affects.  It will only display spell/skill affect, ie: no flags or
affects.  The information will get more specific as the char gains levels.
There are 4 states, currently they are:
  level   1-6: will show only the spell name
  level  7-13: will show the spell name, how many applies it has and  the
                           duration of the spell
  level 14-20: will show all of the abov plus the apply name
  level   20+: will show all of the above plus the added AFF_X bit

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