Re: Circlemud design issues

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 04/26/98

On Sun, 26 Apr 1998, James Turner wrote:

>No.  However, if you would read more closely, and participate as an
>adult and not as a whining, insulting child, you would realize that
>the point was that speed isn't really an issue for not using them.

And you say we're insulting. :)

>Perfection is a fine goal.  Just don't expect to get there.

Is not the point of a goal to be something you can attain?

>Are you saying we shouldn't bother improving circle just because there
>might be lofty goals?

There is a such thing as doing too much as once.  That's why I have stopped
bpl13 changes until it is actually released.

>The .c files are not well organized.  For instance, some string
>handling functions (one_argument, two_arguments, plus a number of
>others) are in interpreter.c.

It makes perfect sense to put them in interpreter.c.  Are they not acting
as a player to MUD interpreter?  They are not general 'string' functions
(as str_cmp and str_dup are) and thereforce do not belong in utils.c.

>Completely in the wrong place, but someone apparently didn't want to make
>prototypes and put them in a more proper place (maybe a string.c, or
>utils.c with str_cmp).

interpreter.c sounds perfect to me.  Where are the functions that interpret
player input?

>A properly structured projects makes it easy to say "if I had a function
>that did X, where would it be?"  Can you honestly say that if you wanted
>to add a string function you would do it unequivocably in interpreter.c?
>No.  In fact, it would only dilute interpreter.c down even further.

String functions (str_dup, str_cmp) ARE in utils.c.

>Or, while most of the affect code is in handler.c, a good bit --
>including affect_update -- is in magic.c.

/* affect_update: called from comm.c (causes spells to wear off) */
Sounds like it is magic related.

The rest of the affect_ functions can properly be called 'internal
character functions' and placed in handler.c.

>Such an important part of circle should probably have its own file; at the
>very least it shouldn't be spread across different files, neither of which
>by name makes it clear which file the code should be in.

Character handler(.c), and spells wearing off belongs in magic.c does it

>Are you saying you never wanted to find a function yet it wasn't where
>you initially thought it would be?

I used to do it all the time with db.c and handler.c until I realized db.c
was for file loading and handler.c was for in memory manipulation.

>I apologize to those on the list for this post's tone, and for taking
>Mr. Koepke's way of handling things.  However, I think it is time that
>if he can't be constructive that he shut the hell up, particularly
>seeing how he enjoys being as obnoxious and rude as possible to anyone
>who dares have a different idea than he.

You weren't around for his debate with Andrew Helm.  I think this is deja

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