[CODE] Question regarding zone resets

From: cKc (ckc@SLIP.NET)
Date: 04/27/98

Am currently trying to add a new zone reset command which will enable me
to randomly delete an exit..  kinda like for a Maze..

The idea is based on [a] - [b] - [c]..
in the zone file.. it will have something like this:

L 0 b 3 50
L 0 b 1 50

this will basically make it so that there is a 50% chance that exit to
room a and exit to room c will be deleted..

Not completely done with the code yet.. but for some reason .. I can't
free the exit...  any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

this is what I have so far in db.c

    case 'L':
      if (ZCMD.arg2 < 0 || ZCMD.arg2 >= NUM_OF_DIRS ||
          (world[ZCMD.arg1].dir_option[ZCMD.arg2] == NULL)) {
        ZONE_ERROR("exit does not exist");
      } else {
      if(number(1,100) > [ZCMD.arg3]){


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