Question on Races

From: Knite Hawk (knitehwk@CITILINK.COM)
Date: 04/28/98

I'm attempting to get an idea of how to alter stats for a player by race,
before I actually set out to think of all the different races I want on
the MUD I'm working on.

I had a couple questions that aren't covered in any of the Race.txt's that
I've seen.

When you start to define the +/-'s for each race in the class.c file, you
add below the class definitions something like:

  switch (GET_RACE(ch)) {
  case RACE_HUMAN:
  case RACE_ELF:
  case RACE_GNOME:
  case RACE_FAIRY:

Now, my first set of questions:
1) what is the difference between the 'ch->', the '++ch->', and the
'--ch->' that's in this section?
2) unless the above question answers this in an obvious way, which one do
you use of the above three things for each real_abils modifier?
3) unless the above questions answer this in an obvious way, do any of the
above three things modify the real_abils in a way that adding a .dex+=2 or
.str-=1 wouldn't? From what it looks like, any +/- modifier must be used
with the ch-> instead of the other two. In that case, why would you bother
having the other two there if there is no modifier on that stat?

And, my second set of questions:
Can you modify anything besides the normal stats like that? For instance,
could you set something to modify age? Elves are usually really old, and
if the game rolls the stats so that the player is listed at 17 years old,
I'd like to be able to add 150-300 years to that number. Similarly, weight
and hieght. If the game rolls the weight at 170 and height at 5'8", I'd
like to be able to take enough off of those two so that a small little
Fairy isn't huge in Score appearance.
Similarly, are there any ways to alter other types of things that affect
gameplay more than those do? Such as +/-'s to AC, HP, Mana, Move, Hitroll,
Damroll, and all the Saving Throws?
And my final question... in affects like HP, Mana, and Move, that change
at a somewhat awkward pace compared to other things, would it be possible
to give a + or - by a percentage, so that a Centaur would have a -2
Dexterity because he can't move around as well as a Humanoid can, but
would have +10% Movement points, because they have the body of a horse,
and have more stamina when walking than your average humanoid.

As always, if there _is_ a source elsewhere where I can find the info,
lemme know. But as far as I know there isn't, and I'm sure other people on
the list would like to know the answers to these questions...

This message was brought to you by the extremely Long-Windedness of none
other than THE Knite Hawk. He'd like to apologize for taking up whatever
extra Bandwidth was not necessary for this message.

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