Re: Question on Races

From: Axiem (bertelse@SWBELL.NET)
Date: 04/28/98

Knite Hawk wrote:

> I'm attempting to get an idea of how to alter stats for a player by race,
> before I actually set out to think of all the different races I want on
> the MUD I'm working on.
> I had a couple questions that aren't covered in any of the Race.txt's that
> I've seen.
> First:
> When you start to define the +/-'s for each race in the class.c file, you
> add below the class definitions something like:
>   switch (GET_RACE(ch)) {
>   case RACE_HUMAN:
>   ++ch->real_abils.con;
>   break;
>   case RACE_ELF:
>   ++ch->real_abils.dex;
>   ++ch->;
>   --ch->real_abils.con;
>   --ch->real_abils.str;
>   break;
>   case RACE_GNOME:
>   ch->real_abils.str+=3;
>   --ch->real_abils.dex;
>   --ch->;
>   --ch->real_abils.cha;
>   break;
>   case RACE_FAIRY:
>   ch->real_abils.dex+=2;
>   ++ch->real_abils.wis;
>   ++ch->real_abils.cha;
>   ch->real_abils.str-=2;
>   --ch->real_abils.con;
>   break;
>  }
> Now, my first set of questions:
> 1) what is the difference between the 'ch->', the '++ch->', and the
> '--ch->' that's in this section?

You don't know much C, do you? ch-> is the reference, and ++ch-> adds one to
x, and --ch-> subtracts one.

> 2) unless the above question answers this in an obvious way, which one do
> you use of the above three things for each real_abils modifier?

umm....there is a better way of affecting stats, actually. not using ++ or --,
but += and -= (for more than 1 to modify!)

> 3) unless the above questions answer this in an obvious way, do any of the
> above three things modify the real_abils in a way that adding a .dex+=2 or
> .str-=1 wouldn't? From what it looks like, any +/- modifier must be used
> with the ch-> instead of the other two. In that case, why would you bother
> having the other two there if there is no modifier on that stat?

See above

> And, my second set of questions:
> Can you modify anything besides the normal stats like that? For instance,
> could you set something to modify age? Elves are usually really old, and
> if the game rolls the stats so that the player is listed at 17 years old,
> I'd like to be able to add 150-300 years to that number. Similarly, weight
> and hieght. If the game rolls the weight at 170 and height at 5'8", I'd
> like to be able to take enough off of those two so that a small little
> Fairy isn't huge in Score appearance.

Age: yes. Height and weight: I dunno. RTFC.

> Similarly, are there any ways to alter other types of things that affect
> gameplay more than those do? Such as +/-'s to AC, HP, Mana, Move, Hitroll,
> Damroll, and all the Saving Throws?

Uhhh....... did you RTFM?

> And my final question... in affects like HP, Mana, and Move, that change
> at a somewhat awkward pace compared to other things, would it be possible
> to give a + or - by a percentage, so that a Centaur would have a -2
> Dexterity because he can't move around as well as a Humanoid can, but
> would have +10% Movement points, because they have the body of a horse,
> and have more stamina when walking than your average humanoid.

Hmm.....Obviosly you are not a C programmer.

> As always, if there _is_ a source elsewhere where I can find the info,
> lemme know. But as far as I know there isn't, and I'm sure other people on
> the list would like to know the answers to these questions...

See the source snippits page for a better race code

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