From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 04/28/98

I am not a frequent poster to the list, but I do follow it regularly, and
this entire Quinn thing needs to stop.  If he did something bad and you
feel the need to do something about it -- go for it.  It isn't (this post
included) neccessary for everyone to read.

Also, I don't think Quinn could have done all of these things attributed
to him, I am almost sure of it, actually.

I say this because a character named TerrorQuinn Logged on to my mud on
saturday night, managed to get in and edit his pfile (under windows from
the strange control characters involved) and set his level to 255 (our max
is 211).

He proceded to cause many problems for 20 or 30 minutes until an imp
logged on (set to level one) saw what had happened and took action to
shutdown the mud, edit the pfiles correctly etc etc.

I have since put some code in to make sure this won't happen again,
QS is hosted on mudservices, and they can't find any logs of illegal
access, nor do I show anything in last of a bad FTP connection or

Noone I don't know in real life has access to our shell. The password is
set to a random string, changed monthly, etc.

Anyone have an idea of how this could happen?  We have ascii pfiles, and
do bounds checking on everything the player has control over.  Only the
name is above the level in the list of the writing to the file.

The addy the address came in from was:

(that is all circle grabbed)

Has anyone modified obuild to automatically set the experience of the mob
being built based on the chosen stats?  Thinking of doing this to make
sure that mobs of equal toughness are worth the same exp across the mud.
Any thoughts?

Ghost Shaidan
Questionable Sanity
qs.mudservices.com 4000

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