[RELEASE] [CODE] [LONG] Guilds Code Info.

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 04/29/98

I promised a guilds patch almost a month ago (where does time go?) and have
actually had it done.  To request it, please e-mail me, as I do not think
it's a finished enough product to distribute to the FTP site (see below).
Background:  I decided to write guild code based on what I saw from another
MUD where I worked a long time ago.  It was great code, but I don't think
they use it anymore, so I just used the idea and wrote my own.  I didn't
like the shopkeeper guildmasters very much, nor that other guild patch
(can't even remember what it did), so this system seemed best.  Somebody
told me there's something similar in Envy, but I haven't even looked at
that codebase.  :P

* Players can JOIN/LEAVE guilds as much as they would like.
* When a player joins a guild, they level only in their current guild.  If
they join a new guild at level 10,     they retain their skills/spells from
the first class but won't gain anymore of them, and in the new guild they
start at level 1.  This eliminates the "get to level 50, switch classes,
reach 100, and have all the skills and spells in the MUD" problem.
* Great for remort systems and better roleplay.  Who sticks with the same
thing their entire life?  Also better than watching people delete over and
over again until they find the class they want.
* (I can't remember if this is in the patch or just my MUD, if it's not,
I'll update it before sending it out.)  Rather than spamming you in
do_stat, levels are shown with the guildstat command.  In case you want
hidden guilds, it only shows what level you are in the guilds you have
"found."  I planned on keeping the basic classes and then hiding assassins,
etc, in the forest for you to join the class.  Immorals (I knew I spelled
that wrong, but it looks better that way) can guildstat other players to
find their level info.
You can set guildlevels with do_set, "set belgarath cl-guild 14" would make
my cleric guildlevel be 14.  I have to make sure that's in the patch too.

Known Bugs:
* The spec for guildmaster is cluttered.
* The spell code, to get it to allow the same thing as guildmaster, is
slightly cluttered.  (You'll know this if you look at the code before you
put it in.)
* This makes adding classes require a pwipe.  I know that sucks.  I suggest
adding CLASS_UNUSED1, 2, 3 etc until you reach your target # of classes.  I
use an array for the guildlevels.
* I use macros.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  :P
* You'll find a couple.  I ran this for a while on a non-open mud, testing
every angle I could think of.  I hope there arent' any big ones.
* There's something right in the front of my brain, not allowing me to call
on it....

The features really do outweight what little problems there are.
<tonyr@nwpaclink.com>  (for two more days!  ackackack!)

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