General Ideas for Weapons / Mobs..

From: vexed (vexed@GCONNECT.COM)
Date: 04/29/98

Just a quicky,

Most of this is inspired by the Forgotten Realms books although I am not
really a tabletop AD&D player or anything, I was wondering if anyone had
implemented anything like this.

I'm looking into doing a few things:

1) If the builder desires so, he can put his own description of an attack
with any weapon, for example;
'A Mace with a Screaming Head atop it' could 'bite into <player>'s arm and
tear <however much damage is, lots, little etc> out of it.'..

I'm not great with descriptions but I hope you get the general idea :) I
think it should be fairly easy except for the varying damage?

2) Anyone familiar with Drow characters will know that the Matron Mothers
have five headed whips etc, which means I want weapons that will hit more
than once. I was thinking of putting this in the object structure and just a
check in fight.c, can anyone see in flaws in that?

3) An object that will glow when an evil mob is near, not really sure how to
approach this one.. any ideas?

4) Mobs that span multiple rooms, i.e a dragons head in one room, main body
in another, tail in another.. (NOT 3 seperate mobs) probably not the best
example ever but I'm sure I could think of someway of putting this to good
use :)

sorry about that state of this e-mail :) they usually tend to be a
collection of notes / ideas as i go along.
i'm not asking for code.. atm I'm just looking for flaws / suggestions for
improvements. I can usually think of an idea but expanding it gives me a

  Paul K

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