Re: Quinn, Autoexperience thoughts (& sittable objs)

From: blah (merren@MINDCRYME.COM)
Date: 04/29/98

Well, First my obligatory Quinn comment and then a comment on sittable

I've dealt with him twice. Once was when I logged onto his mud, just for
kicks&giggles. Nothing intersting, pretty boring actually.

I also run #mud on Efnet and he popped in there. My opinion? He's a lamer
(hate to use that word, but ... ::shrug::). I don't believe the REAL Quinn
could hack his way out of a paper bag (a wet one at that). And I think at
least a few people on this list know me personally and can attest to the
fact that I am "qualified" to make such a judgement.

Just outta curiosity, has anyone considered the following scenerio?

::Mad Admin hacks Mud #1::
"Hi, I'm Quinn! I just hacked you!?@#?!"

::shrug:: He seems to be a total moron to me (Sorry Quinn, just the truth)
and I don't think he's capable of what most of you are saying he's done.

I really think this is a way over dead issue.

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Mark A. Heilpern wrote:

> TerrorQuinn created on my mud Friday night, (April 24) at about 9pm EST.
> He was unable to do any hacking, but I'm interested to know how many
> other sites he's been on lately. His ip address used was,
> which resolves to sargent.NJIT.EDU


Sittable objects. I coded this a while ago. Thought it would be cool. I
also coded in a FASTREGEN obj flag which makes you regen hit/mana/move
twice as fast if sitting on this object. Also included was max people
sitting, etc...

Would be willing to tear the code out and make some sort of patch if
anyone is really interested. It DOES add something to the mud. My players
like it.

Anyways, if interested, lemme know.

Melen 4000

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