Re: Quinn, Autoexperience thoughts (& sittable objs)

From: Matt McLaughlin (mattm@SATYRS.ENGR.CSUFRESNO.EDU)
Date: 04/30/98

(hate to use that word, but ... ::shrug::). I don't believe the REAL Quinn
could hack his way out of a paper bag (a wet one at that). And I think at

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  Hahah..  yea.. I agree.. it seems the only person that sticks up for this
dude..  some dude that had a reply yesterday about him..  Somethin about
blaming evertime somebodys mud crashes it was cause of Quinn..

  Well.. personally .. unless there is some idiotic implementors out there..
that havent thouroughly (forgive spelling) debuged their mud.. there should not
be the slightest occurance of the mud crashing..   Usually the only time i
see a mud crash for reasons other than a rebooting server or mem leak or some
stupid prob like that..   is because somebody typed in a command that exec'd
some function.  Obviously the implementor didnt think of all the different
possibilities.. or as we more advanced programmers call it.. 'the worst of case'
usually pointers screw people up.. and thats understandable.. happens to the
best of people i know..

  Never the less.. even though I think Quinn sounds like a dickhead...
I honestly dont think he has anything to do with crashing somebodys mud..
other than the fact that he still remains a dickhead.

-DarkLord                     Bio-Hazard   Ind.

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