Re: General Ideas for Weapons / Mobs..

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/29/98

> 1) If the builder desires so, he can put his own description of an attack
> with any weapon, for example;
> 'A Mace with a Screaming Head atop it' could 'bite into <player>'s arm and
> tear <however much damage is, lots, little etc> out of it.'..
> I'm not great with descriptions but I hope you get the general idea :) I
> think it should be fairly easy except for the varying damage?

        Maybe have a flag of sorts to use the action description randomly?
        Use that unused 4'th obj space for the damage? i dunno :)
> 2) Anyone familiar with Drow characters will know that the Matron Mothers
> have five headed whips etc, which means I want weapons that will hit more
> than once. I was thinking of putting this in the object structure and just a
> check in fight.c, can anyone see in flaws in that?
        Very good idea. Though the current setup of circle I don't think
is geared towards this approach so much, I don't think it would take much
of a change to work it in..look at existing examples of dual weapon code,
and just make some extra obj data spaces to have a new could
pretty much just make it an array, and thanks to the macros for the
obj_value, you'd just have to re-write to allow for accessing a particular
array member, and you're done in seconds. Thanks for reminding me - i'm
way into d&d conversion, and i had forgotten that I need some monsters to
do a claw/claw/bite attack.

> 3) An object that will glow when an evil mob is near, not really sure how to
> approach this one.. any ideas?
        If you want to just limit it to one room away, its pretty easy -
just check for each exit, if there's a room attached to it, scan through
the characters in room, and if one has a negative alignment.. send a
message that said object glows, up the ammount of light in the room, etc..

                I think i'll make a spec_proc for this later.

> 4) Mobs that span multiple rooms, i.e a dragons head in one room, main body
> in another, tail in another.. (NOT 3 seperate mobs) probably not the best
> example ever but I'm sure I could think of someway of putting this to good
> use :)
        A purple worm that's the actual size? I'd recommend not writing it
if you don't want a lot of new special code.  I can't think of an easy way
to do this.


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