Re: Misc Thoughts / Ideas

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 04/29/98

JWoodsIII <JWoodsIII@AOL.COM> writes:

> Hell, I'm a liberal. It may not be polite but it sure works. Of course, if you
> aren't having major problems with macroers, then by all means, NEVER touch my
> idea! :-P

*grin* It's not an altogether bad solution by any means.  But maybe
there are more polite ones.  Perhaps add 4 or 6 integers to a pc's
data.  Store in these hashes of their last 6 commands, minus some
prettiness (ie, remove all whitespace, punctuation, and make it
lowercase).  Use a standard string hash.  Then if they use the same 6
commands repeatedly, send a warning.  Maybe have the hash records
clear (or better yet, shift down) every few pulses.  Then warn the
player if a dup is detected (from a nontrivial command) and take
appropriate action (if they are skill-spamming to increase skills on
muds that support it, maybe even send it through mudlog).

Would anyone be interested in pathwalking code (ie being able to say
10e4n3e) as a valid mud command and have the mud move the player
automatically at some specific rate?  What I do in part of my code is
have all movement commands pushed into a queue like this.  That way,
even macroers can't go beyond a certain speed.

James Turner     

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