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From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 04/28/98


        I got to thinking about being a player in the game, and watching how some
of the other players act in certain situations in the game. After awhile of
watching some of them clear zones of mobs I realised that a lot of the time
I wasn't really watching the person play, but rather a bot that they had
set up while they leave the computer and do other things. Personally I
think it takes away from the game if people are using "bots" to play.
Triggers are a nice feature, but when brought to the extreme I feel they
can be quite harmful to the MUD and it's balance. Because of this I have
added a "bot" policy which basically says, if someone realises you are
using a bot, they are free to send you says, emotes, echos, or anything
else that might trigger your bot to activate.

        I was wondering if anyone else has seen "bots" to be a problem within the
game, and maybe possible ways they have tried to make it harder for bots to
be set up. I know I could always have every command send random messages,
that way they would have to have tons and tons of triggers or scripts to
make their bot run, but they would still do it. Any ideas on this?


        I have created my own personal task to make a mailing system that will
allow a player to send items to other players. The only real problem I see
with this is that it would make getting away with multiplaying a little
easier (if it is against policy in your MUD). I was wondering if anyone has
attempted to do this (I am sure they have) or have already done it. I would
be interested in discussing it with them and problems or situations that
may have occured because of it.

        I have heard that at one time there used to be something simular, having
to do with the Odin Statue in Midgaard and Odin's Store in Midgaard. I have
gone through patch 12 for this code and it doesn't seem to be there. If
anyone could explain to me what this code used to do, and maybe what patch
level (or even the code if they still have it stashed away somewhere) it
may be in it would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time.

- Lord Kyu -

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