Re: Idea on crack

From: Malcor (digital@TOGETHER.NET)
Date: 04/28/98

Well as I remember LORD II <the ansi version that was never completed
but you can still get to lvl 50 :)> everytime that I went to lvl it
would either create a copy or a mob that was equal to me. I had the
great sword +200 from the ending good guys <forgot the name they were
across the sea and all the way to the west past the music repair shop>

What you would need to do is instead of fighting the guild master
"clone" a player and make them fight themselves so a sword of death for
lvl 30 will only kill the player faster than a dagger. as for making it
to 0 hp rather than death use arena code or make a special flag so that
when whey hit 0 or < 0 the hitpoints are ser to one and the player left
standing wins.

My 2c


Knite Hawk wrote:
> Ok, maybe I'm on crack for even thinking of this, but I've had an idea for
> a few days...
> Has anyone ever played the old BBS Door game called Legend of the Red
> Dragon? (LORD)
> I'd assume there's a few on this list.
> My idea was this:
> Guildmasters. More than one for each Class. In order to up your level, you
> not only need the experience (or perhaps within 10-25% of the exp to up
> your level), but you also need to be able to Kill your Guildmaster. Well,
> not really kill them, but "Best" them. Prove you are the better
> Warrior/Thief/Cleric/Mage/Whatever.
> Now, the obvious and quite lengthy way of doing this would be to create a
> Guildmaster for Each Level, in other words, 50 or more, depending on how
> many levels you have on your MUD. You'd need to make each of them a valid
> Guildmaster, and then still do something to the Hard Code to make it so
> that no matter how much Exp you have, you cannot Gain the Next Level until
> you've successfully killed/bested your Guildmaster. And, of course, I
> don't know how you'd set up a "Best" system rather than a "Kill" system.
> You'd probably have to really screw with the combat system in relation to
> Guildmasters.
> Anyway, I know very little of code, but if someone out there likes this
> idea and wants to run with it, please lemme know. If you've forgotten some
> of the other stuff from LORD and need input, lemme know, cuz I still play
> the game somewhat regularly. I think something like this would really make
> the Leveling System better, although slightly less-realistic in some ways.
> It'd make it harder to Level, thereby increasing length of Gameplay
> without necessarily increasing the number of Mortal Levels from 50 to 100
> or whatever. Also, if you were to implement something so that _only_ a
> Cleric Player can attempt to Kill a Cleric Guildmaster, then it would make
> it so that if a level 3 player groups with a level 30 player, and they go
> around killing things, upping the lvl3 to lvl10 in a few minutes, it would
> make it so that lvl3 HAS to do something the lvl30 canNOT help them with
> in order to actually Increase a Level. Instead of leveling 10 levels in 10
> minutes like what sometimes happens, this would force players to make some
> extra effort to Level.
> Anyway, just an idea. If something like this has already been done (though
> I highly doubt it), point me in the direction, and I apologize for
> spamming the list with old-topics.
> Thanx
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