Idea on crack

From: Knite Hawk (knitehwk@CITILINK.COM)
Date: 04/27/98

Ok, maybe I'm on crack for even thinking of this, but I've had an idea for
a few days...

Has anyone ever played the old BBS Door game called Legend of the Red
Dragon? (LORD)
I'd assume there's a few on this list.

My idea was this:
Guildmasters. More than one for each Class. In order to up your level, you
not only need the experience (or perhaps within 10-25% of the exp to up
your level), but you also need to be able to Kill your Guildmaster. Well,
not really kill them, but "Best" them. Prove you are the better

Now, the obvious and quite lengthy way of doing this would be to create a
Guildmaster for Each Level, in other words, 50 or more, depending on how
many levels you have on your MUD. You'd need to make each of them a valid
Guildmaster, and then still do something to the Hard Code to make it so
that no matter how much Exp you have, you cannot Gain the Next Level until
you've successfully killed/bested your Guildmaster. And, of course, I
don't know how you'd set up a "Best" system rather than a "Kill" system.
You'd probably have to really screw with the combat system in relation to

Anyway, I know very little of code, but if someone out there likes this
idea and wants to run with it, please lemme know. If you've forgotten some
of the other stuff from LORD and need input, lemme know, cuz I still play
the game somewhat regularly. I think something like this would really make
the Leveling System better, although slightly less-realistic in some ways.
It'd make it harder to Level, thereby increasing length of Gameplay
without necessarily increasing the number of Mortal Levels from 50 to 100
or whatever. Also, if you were to implement something so that _only_ a
Cleric Player can attempt to Kill a Cleric Guildmaster, then it would make
it so that if a level 3 player groups with a level 30 player, and they go
around killing things, upping the lvl3 to lvl10 in a few minutes, it would
make it so that lvl3 HAS to do something the lvl30 canNOT help them with
in order to actually Increase a Level. Instead of leveling 10 levels in 10
minutes like what sometimes happens, this would force players to make some
extra effort to Level.

Anyway, just an idea. If something like this has already been done (though
I highly doubt it), point me in the direction, and I apologize for
spamming the list with old-topics.


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