Re: Idea on crack

From: Knite Hawk (knitehwk@CITILINK.COM)
Date: 04/27/98

On Mon, 27 Apr 1998, Tony Robbins wrote:

> At 01:01 AM 4/28/98 -0500, Knite Hawk wrote:
> >Guildmasters. More than one for each Class. In order to up your level, you
> >not only need the experience (or perhaps within 10-25% of the exp to up
> >your level), but you also need to be able to Kill your Guildmaster. Well,
> >not really kill them, but "Best" them. Prove you are the better
> >Warrior/Thief/Cleric/Mage/Whatever.
> I thought of something like this.  Someone was going to release proficiency
> code which could be used for this purpose.

Ok, as I said, I'm not very knowledgeful when it comes to code. I have the
prof code, how would it be used for this? I can see using the Prof code so
that if you actually made each and every (50) guildmasters, that each of
them would only allow you to practice the skills/spells that are given to
you up to your current level (level 10 spells and below for a level 10
player). But beyond that, what else would you do? Besides, I'm looking for
an alternative to making 50 Rooms with 50 Guildmasters with 50 sets of
Stats. You'd have one full Zone right there, perhaps even for just one

> >Now, the obvious and quite lengthy way of doing this would be to create a
> >Guildmaster for Each Level, in other words, 50 or more, depending on how
> >many levels you have on your MUD. You'd need to make each of them a valid
> >Guildmaster, and then still do something to the Hard Code to make it so
> >that no matter how much Exp you have, you cannot Gain the Next Level until
> >you've successfully killed/bested your Guildmaster. And, of course, I
> >don't know how you'd set up a "Best" system rather than a "Kill" system.
> >You'd probably have to really screw with the combat system in relation to
> >Guildmasters.
> Not really.  Aren't there spec_procs only called near death?

Actually, yer right. Although I don't know much code, I'd assume that when
you start to "bleed" there's some kind of command or function that's being
called, which will continue to be called until death. If you coded
something into the mob so that as soon as the mob started to "bleed" it
would change its position and your position from "Fighting" to "Standing"
(or something along those lines), thereby ending the fight before the Mob
dies, and then have the Guildmaster Mob emote something like "I don't
believe've beaten me. I yield to the greater warrior."

Of course, there's another problem here. If a lvl30 "loans" their weapon
to the lvl3, then the lvl3 will have no problem killing their guildmaster
before they have the <exp to next level - 15%>, so that as soon as they
get the full amount of Exp, they can level easily. Or, if you had the
Guildmaster automatically give them enough experience to gain the next
level once the Guildmaster was beaten. But, if you wanted to add something
to this, you could make it so that if the player had only 80% of their exp
needed to level, instead of 85%, and they tried to kill the Guildmaster,
the mob would reply "Come back when you've seasoned a little, ametuer!" or
something like that. It'd take some extra coding for that, but if you can
do everything else, that probably wouldn't be very hard.

More ideas?

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