Re: Idea on crack

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 04/28/98

> Ok, as I said, I'm not very knowledgeful when it comes to code. I have the
> prof code, how would it be used for this? I can see using the Prof code so
> that if you actually made each and every (50) guildmasters, that each of
> them would only allow you to practice the skills/spells that are given to
> you up to your current level (level 10 spells and below for a level 10
> player). But beyond that, what else would you do? Besides, I'm looking for
> an alternative to making 50 Rooms with 50 Guildmasters with 50 sets of
> Stats. You'd have one full Zone right there, perhaps even for just one
> Class.

IMHO, this is screaming out for a spec proc.  Probably a combination of
two, a room and a mob spec proc. Depending on how you want to do it.

First, get the char into the room with the guildmaster, just one at a time
(where the room spec proc, or a second 'guard' spec proc would come in)

When the player enters the room, they have to type challenge or
something, challenge runs a quick few lines in the spec proc to
change the guildmasters hits damroll hitroll etc to something challenging
to the character.  You can also have it set his exp so they get the right
amount from the kill.

Challenge can also make a check for the desired amount of exp (they need
to be at least 85% to the level to advance) if not the guildmaster mocks
them quite well and deposits them in the foyer -- or the guard wont let
them in until they have that much...

There are some ways around this that can be fixed, for example the
generous level 130 you mentioned before.

1. level limits on items.
2. have the spec proc set the guildmasters damage == damage of the weapon
the char is wielding

  which leads directly to the cheat of switching weapons in a fight
( walking in with a 1d1 dagger and switching to the flaming sword of
instant death)

To fix this, have the spec proc filter out the wield command.. Just don't
make the guildmaster disarm them :)

This way you need 1 room for each class (or maybe more if you think they
will be busy) and one mob for each class, its dynamic based on the
character using it.

Anyone see any problems with this idea?

Ghost Shaidan

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