Re: [CODE] sit on objects

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/30/98

> OBCircle:
>  Anyone have any problems with me tarting up the missile weapons patch
> from the ftp site? I was thinking about adding in some nice things like
> quivers, returning missile weapons, and a new missile type 'bolas'.
> Might add in gas affects for grenades too if anyone wants it. Feedback?

You might also want to make sure that when you're playing with that ranged
weapon patch that you fix the crash bug - something ..let me think...

        Because the act() calls come after the damage calls, if the
creature dies from the attack, the act will fire off as act("$N has been
hit! by a $p", FALSE, ch, missile, vict), and of course, with vict being
null, you crash or something bad happens.

        And if you can, you might want to add a #define'able option for an
auto re-load.. so you don't have to wield a crossbow, and then hold a bolt
to fire.. instead you 'load' the crossbow/bow etc the first time, maybe,
and thne have it draw from inventory for the rest?


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