Re: More Directions Please [NEWBIE]

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/30/98

> With respect how do you know its not required by most people? Although I
> agree it will make an excellent first coding xp which I will undertake.
> Personally I still think its better to have all exits coded with the option
> to exclude should you so choose. The beauty of Circle though is if its not
> there then we can code it in! *thanks guys*
        Something I brought up a while ago is to restructure some of
circle to allow for races to be added. I've yet to do it, but I'm more
inclined to do so.  However, since people want different races or none at
all, I wanted to build it in a way that if you wanted a race, you'd code
it in, just like how if you wanted another skill you coded it in.
        In the same light, exits are already easily expandable, and the
consensus is that the current setup is the minimum required. If you want
to add more, its easy to just put a few more in.  The way circle works,
and the way you said it, is that 'the beauty of the code is that if
it's not there, then (you) can code it in'. Let me add one word to that -
'easily'.  We already have that with the number of exits.

        Now, i'd be willing to say some of the door code could be
re-written, to allow for easi_er_ expandability.


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