Re: how do i make level restricted rooms.

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 04/30/98

He has a point.  We've seen object minlevels, it might be kinda nifty to
add a world spec type thing to do something like:

10~  // character must be level 10
A voice from above booms, 'You aren't worthy of this room!'~ //message to

Not difficult.  I might write it.  Neat.

(extra stuff not deleted for completion)

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Patrick Dughi wrote:

> > One method would be to create a room flag called ROOM_IMP_ONLY and
> > add the check in perform_move() (I think that isit, it has been awhile).
> >
>         Its just as easy to add another sbyte or int (or whatever your
> level is set to) to the room data structure, and within db.c;parse_room()
> simply initilize it to zero if it doesn't exist, else set it to a value.
> Make sure you write a function to edit that value, as well as save it with
> oasis, and then as has been said, examine the GOD_ROOM or IMMORTAL_ROOM
> above and put in the checks in all the movement commands (act.movement.c,
> act.wizard.c).  I had a good idea where everything was, and it took me
> about 6 and a half minutes to do, barring two spelling mistakes, and
> testing.
>         I'd say you should look at how the sector type for rooms is put
> in, and try to duplicate that, and then grep for ROOM_GODROOM and put in a
> check where each one of those are (in the relevant movement functions).
> Then add a little something to your stat room function, and maybe
> roomflags.
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