Re: Help (again)

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 04/30/98

> > After the MUD has been up for some time (> 6 hours), things become
> > corrupted. This particular object, the short description turned into
> > " open gate".
> >
>         That isn't just kinda bad, thats really bad.  This sort of memory
> thing is pretty difficult to track down and remove.  Obviously, data being
> stored in some temporary buffer is overwriting your existing data.  Lucky
> for you you're not getting an apparent random write (with garbage
> characters and such), but an actual string replacing the previous one.
> You have a chance - find all the areas in your code (especially if you
> have any sort of online building) where you alter that string. Make sure
> that its 'tight' - initilize buffers before you use them, do integrity
> checking, etc.  I don't think there's a good tried and true way to
> determine the villan of a seemingly random memory overwrite, unless you
> want to write a memory manager or something of the sort. If you haven't
> gotten it though, Georges buffer code may help you a bit here, since it
> does quite a bit of work for you to maintain buffer sanity.

We used to have this problem when we used oasis OLC. After trying to track
it down for a couple of months (and its brother bug, Zfiles loading for
incorrect zones -- sometimes) we gave up and installed obuild after
happily ripping out oasis.  That solved the problem right quick :)


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