Re: Quinn, Autoexperience thoughts (& sittable objs)

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 05/01/98

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Matt McLaughlin wrote:

->  Ahhh.. Whoh..   what the hell..  Am I yet another victim of the Quinn
->epidemic.   My mud has been down for about ohh say almost a year..
->Furthermore.. i might add that if it was as stock as you say it was.. then
->how come it was Ranked in the top 20 worldwide 3 days after i put it on the

I wasn't even aware there was a mud ranking committee.  Do they have a
web page, or some way I can find out what the top 20 muds are in the

->  How in the hell can you say its so much like circle.. when indeed
->you never had code access..  with my firewall up and everything..
->how can anyone telnet into an account hosted on my server...  Well
->Quinn.. how about that one.

I think he was making surface observations, then.  Probably saying
that it looks like a CircleMUD.  I don't think he could or did access
your code, nor did he say he did (wait, did I just _defend_ Quinn?!).
You're reading far too much into it.

->  Second of all.. I have had this mud ever since ver 2.2 was out..
->which is like way different than the 3.x versions..  But..
->honestly.. do you think that my mud would be stock over these last 4
->years..  i duno..

It could be.  Actually, the older DIKUMUDs are fairly (and
surprisingly) stock.  I can't think of why, but it seems to be true.
The really innovative stuff disappears rather quickly, really.

->  As for the random gernerator of rooms which im working on..  for
->the so called database..  (ie similar to Midevia's mud)  i have
->heard.. that would right therethrough out that portion of it..

Ew, the 'M' word.  I can't imagine imitating such a poor excuse for a
mud.  Medievia subscribes to the M.I.B. (More Is Better) method of MUD
creation.  And they're one of the few MUDs out their that still thinks
just because they changed the code, it is no longer DIKU-based.  Even
Derek Snider changed his mind on that (though probably because he was
about to release the code for SMAUG, and thus, would be ripped apart
very quickly, since the code is quite obviously DIKU-Merc based).

->  Humm..  a simple modification to the main()  and viola..  Quinn is
->still yet a dickhead and proven to be yet still a lier.

I don't think you should attempt to defend the position that your MUD
isn't Circle-based on this list.  Quite obviously, I can't state how
much you have changed of the MUD but, to make the point rather simple:
What it is now, doesn't affect what it was.  It was Circle to begin
with, so all of your modifications were made underneathe the CircleMUD
license.  Just because you rip apart the desk and build a box with
the wood doesn't mean that it was never a desk.


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