Re: Quinn, (& sittable objs)

From: Tony Maro (tmaro@TACSYS.COM)
Date: 05/01/98

Not directed at anyone in particular:

Can we enable an age restriction on the list?  So that someone, say with a
mental age of 8yrs or less can't post?  This is really ridiculous.  And, for
goodness sakes, if you're going to flame someone, please run a spell
check!  It takes the wind out of your flame when you misspell words and
just makes you look the part of a fool.

Sittable objects - maybe a flag could be put on each object, saying what

Like if IS_WEAPON it replies "Ouch!  That hurt your butt!" and forces you
to stand up!
or IS_EGG it replies "Are you trying to hatch that?"
or IS_FOOD it replies "I wouldn't want to eat that now..."

It also opens the game up for something like a magic cushion that you
carry around, drop on the ground and sit on to regen mana.  Or a
director's chair that regen's HP.  Done resting?  Pick it back up and put
it in your backpack...  How about a toy pony or rocking horse...

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Subject:        Re:  Quinn, Autoexperience thoughts (& sittable objs)

 Subject:      Re:  Quinn, Autoexperience thoughts (& sittable objs)

Well Matt, if Im such a dickhead why did you hire me along, long time ago
when bio-hazard was first out, man your mud is crap, you claim it to be a
whole new code base when its just a circle with a bunch of useless nothing
in it.

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  Ahhh.. Whoh..   what the hell..  Am I yet another victim of the Quinn
epidemic.   My mud has been down for about ohh say almost a year..
Furthermore.. i might add that if it was as stock as you say it was.. then
how come it was Ranked in the top 20 worldwide 3 days after i put it on the

  Nevertheless.. i havent had the time to work on the mud.. since I am the ONLY
one that has access to the code..  Which come to my next point..

  How in the hell can you say its so much like circle.. when indeed you never
had code access..  with my firewall up and everything.. how can anyone telnet
into an account hosted on my server...   Well Quinn.. how about that one.

  Second of all.. I have had this mud ever since ver 2.2 was out.. which is
like way different than the 3.x versions..   But..  honestly.. do you think
that my mud would be stock over these last 4 years..  i duno..

  Second of all.. since i have lots of C++ experience.. and everybody knowing
that C++ is not stock circle code..  that will confirm things there as well.

  As for the random gernerator of rooms which im working on..  for the so called
database..  (ie similar to Midevia's mud)  i have heard.. that would right therethrough out that portion of it..

  As for the interpreter.. consisting of nothign but hash tables.. and Kopekes
idea..  a long time ago on the  ONE_WORD  STRINGS  etc etc idea that nobody
seemed to imp yet..  i think that takes care of yet another aspect..

  As for the structure handling part of it.. well.. im sure everybodys is
modified or different.. so im not even gonna waste my breath on that..

  And furthermore..  since ive taken out all the combat, spells, weather,
etc etc..   what the hell else is left..  The driver perhaps...

  Humm..  a simple modification to the main()  and viola..  Quinn is still
yet a dickhead and proven to be yet still a lier.

  I vote for Quinn to be rejected from the List..  ALL IN FAVOR SAY IIIIIIII

-DarkLord                  Bio-Hazard   Ind.

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