Re: More Directions Please [NEWBIE]

From: Axiem (bertelse@SWBELL.NET)
Date: 05/01/98

Ugggg... This thread is almost as bad as the Quinn one. Extra exits can add
a little more to the game (mazes), and there are some MUDs that use them
extremely well. But then, the exit display was different. Extra exits
shouldn't be in the code base, I think, but there should be an easy patch to
add them. For me, nsewud are good enough. But ne,se,nw,sw can add flavor to
some parts (Exits and Mazes, for one). But still, this thread has gone on
too long. Someone asked a question, and an argument starts on the morality
on it? People are counting votes for a trivial game? I would think some
people have too much time on their hands.

That's just my opinion,

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