[CODE] Water Currents/Proficiency System/

From: Joe Rykowski, Sysop (cyklop@CW2.COM)
Date: 05/01/98

CI>I have done a special procedure that makes a room act like there is a
CI>strong water current (it randomly takes players into ajoining rooms based
CI>on the percentage for that room, and the direction the water is flowing).
CI>I have it set, and will be posting it to the snippets page sometime today.

Hey! That sounds like some code I was going to need to do for moving
sidewalks (I'm developing a cyberpunk MUD).  It's scary how alot of the
Fantasy based concepts can be ported to a Futuristic setting.  For example,
magic=programs in netspace, gold=creds, staff=upgrade chips for
cyberdeck, teleport=well, teleport!, and flowing water=moving sidewalk.  *grin*

Now, I'll let my newbieness (to CircleMUD and this list) show.. I looked
on the FTP site, but I couldn't find your water currents code.  Checked
incoming..  Is there a special "snippets" site or something?  (Nevermind
if it's in the FAQ for this list.. I'm going to scan that for keyword:snippets

BTW, glad to be here.  I've noticed that a lot of people take all of
this WAY too seriously though, and that's why I dumped the last MUD I
was running (besides the fact it was illegal to edit the databases and
create my own maps..).  Anyways, PLEASE remember why you got involved
with mudding in the first place.. it's fun!  Relax.  Enjoy it!

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