Re: [CODE] Water Currents/Proficiency System/

From: Chuck Reed (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 05/02/98

>Now, I'll let my newbieness (to CircleMUD and this list) show.. I looked
>on the FTP site, but I couldn't find your water currents code.  Checked
>incoming..  Is there a special "snippets" site or something?  (Nevermind
>if it's in the FAQ for this list.. I'm going to scan that for

It's not your "newbieness" don't worry.  It's my lack of time.  I haven't
been able to put it in until now.  Here's the actuall HOW-TO SNIPPET for
the currents.  If anyone knows how to make this really random (and not just
when someone types in a command), please tell me because it's really
pissing me off :)

Oh yeah, another thing I'm going to be adding to this is another field in
the current_info struct for how many times the current will move you in a
certain direction.  But until then . . .

Add this somewhere in structs.h:

struct current_info {
   int room_vnum;
   int direction;
   int percent;

Add this somewhere in act.movement.c (this seemed appropriate):

/* Add new rooms above the { -1, -1, -1 } line.  That must always be last. */
struct current_info current[] = {
/*  Room  Direction Percent
  -------------------------  */
  { 3001, SOUTH,    34 },
  { -1, -1, -1 }

This checks the percentage to get swept away evertime somene in the room
types a command.
If you want to change that, it's no prob.

Add this in spec_procs.c:


   extern const char *dirs[];
   extern struct current_info current[];
   int i, found, perm_num, new_room;

   found = FALSE;
   perm_num = 0;

      return FALSE;

   for(i=0; current[i].room_vnum != -1;i++)
      if(ch->in_room == real_room(current[i].room_vnum)) {
         perm_num = i;
         found = TRUE;

      if(number(0,100) < current[perm_num].percent) {
         sprintf(buf, "The strong current carries you %s!\r\n",
         send_to_char(buf, ch);
         sprintf(buf, "$n is taken %s by the rough current!",
         act(buf, FALSE, ch, 0, 0, TO_NOTVICT);

/* You can use your favorite way to record errors here. */

if(!EXIT(ch, current[perm_num].direction)) {
   send_to_char("Error in this room.  Please report this! ERROR 1\r\n", ch);
   return FALSE;

if(EXIT(ch, current[perm_num].direction)->to_room == NOWHERE) {
   send_to_char("Error in this room.  Please report this! ERROR 2\r\n", ch);
   return FALSE;

         /* Here we want to use char_from_room / char_to_room instead of a
            because the current should take them no matter if they have a
boat, no
            movement points left, etc. */
         new_room = EXIT(ch, current[perm_num].direction)->to_room;
         char_to_room(ch, new_room);
         act("$n is swept into the room by the rough current!", FALSE, ch,
0, 0, TO_NOTVICT);
 return FALSE;

Add a prototype of the current_proc in spec_assign.c right below other
prototypes like so:


Add all current rooms in spec_assign.c like so:

ASSIGNROOM(<vnum>, current_proc);

That Should be it.

"Jesus saves . . . . he passes to Moses.  Moses shoots, HE SCORES!"

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