Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE] do_look crashing MUD! :-(

From: JWoodsIII (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 05/01/98

In a message dated 98-04-30 13:15:52 EDT, Angus writes:

<< 1) if AOL doesn't like it, but them in yourself, we do get paid and so
 work that hard.
 2) check out look_at_target() (i think)
 3) VC++? have you run it in the debugger and tried looking at it there?  what
 the point of buying/stealing that program if you are going to get full use
 4) if you are running on unix, make sure you are getting a core file in the
 circle/lib dir.  if so, type:
 gdb bin/circle lib/core from the circle dir
 in gdb type:
 info locals
 info globals

 we MUST have some sort of debugging output to help here. No one has managed
 build a crystal ball yet. >>

Alright, I've noticed something here and MANY other times on this list. There
are a few people who seem to LOVE to be rude about things. This must stop. Not
everything can be helped, and many people are doing their best.
I never said AOL didn't like the carriage returns, I just said they didn't
show up when I compose mail and paste it in. For some reason, at times it
inserts them automatically, but at others it doesn't.
And about the third statement. This runs directly next to my first paragraph,
and many people could take this the wrong way, including me. You have no right
to accuse people of stealing or buying pirated software. I happened to have
bought it legit at a computer show from a good dealer, and I always make an
effort of ONLY buying from people who are legit. What else do you want? Do you
want everyone who asks a question to put "I am using a copy of C++ that I
payed for" at the top? Is that it? Because I can do that. I WOULD have
included Debug code except that I seem to be running into a Win95 bug.
Everytime I get VC++ to debug Circle and it gets to the error, I copy the list
of errors, and open America Online; then I ATTEMPT to sign on, but as soon as
it attempts to connect the computer freezes up. I will try to get the debug
code to you as fast as possible, and yes, I know I could have just pasted it
into a text editor. Don't bug me, I'm doing my best.
Unfortunately I'm not running anything UNIX-based, and can't use your fourth
suggestion. Maybe we should also have a line for "I'm running Circle for
Win95" at the top. What do you think?
Sorry if this message offends anyone.


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