Re: [CODE] Water Currents - How about teleport system?

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 05/02/98

How about adding teleport code into your mud?  There should be a patch out
there, and it is in a couple of the public sources too.  This would allow you to
have many interesting affects.  Just add a couple of act type strings to the
teleport struct and you are off and running.  You could use this system to
simulate a ship taking the players across the ocean, or a slide down an
underground shoot. (don't forget to make it !recall)

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Subject: Re:  [CODE] Water Currents/Proficiency System/
Date:    5/2/98 9:51 AM

>Now, I'll let my newbieness (to CircleMUD and this list) show.. I looked
>on the FTP site, but I couldn't find your water currents code.  Checked
>incoming..  Is there a special "snippets" site or something?  (Nevermind
>if it's in the FAQ for this list.. I'm going to scan that for

It's not your "newbieness" don't worry.  It's my lack of time.  I haven't
been able to put it in until now.  Here's the actuall HOW-TO SNIPPET for
the currents.  If anyone knows how to make this really random (and not just
when someone types in a command), please tell me because it's really
pissing me off :)

Oh yeah, another thing I'm going to be adding to this is another field in
the current_info struct for how many times the current will move you in a
certain direction.  But until then . . .

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