Re: [Newbie] Maximum Hitpoints

From: Chris Powell (darkness@CHESHIRE.GATOR.NET)
Date: 05/03/98

On Sun, 3 May 1998, David wrote:

> I'm trying to increase the maximum hitpoints available, at the moment if
> they go too high they become negative, which isn't exactly what I want. I
> assume that I need to change the variable type, but unfortunately I haven't
> found where it is, so could someone point me in the right direction please?
> (I have read the code and the docs that come with it but I haven't found
> what I'm looking for yet)
structs.h:688:   sh_int max_hit;        /* Max hit for PC/NPC           */

if I remember correctly sh_int is defined as signed short int.  try using
and unsigned int to get up to 65535 or asigned long for 2,147,438,647, or
an unsigned long for 4,294,967,295

P.S. grep is your friend.

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