Magic System

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 05/03/98

> ->Are there any plans to revamp the magic system in circle?
> I doubt there are any plans for rewrites or revamps of major systems
> in the code at this stage in development.  However, if you come up
> with some good reasons why it should be done, it may (or may not)
> happen (eventually).

This is on our 'Do Before we are out of Beta List'.  Here are some of the
things we plan on putting in:

Categories of spells, Call the schools and spheres if you want, but an
extra bit in the spello to identify the type, healing, protective,
firedamage, acidamage, magicdamage, etc.  This will allow eq and mobs to
offer/have resistances against certain affects.  Forexample, that nifty
ice shield is probably going to melt very quickly when you get hit by a
fireball spell...

Looking at (georges?) patch to add another arguement to spell casting, to
allow casting in a certain direction, to allow things like room affect
spells. (I think ill need to do a bit more, just some room flags, or maybe
another entry in the room struct of what kind of effect)

Further development/rewriting of the spell-component code.  Not for all
spells, just for some of the more powerful ones.  Also something to do
with different levels of holy symbols perhaps.

Those are about all of the ideas that are returning to me now.  Anyone
done any of this? anyone see any problems/cool things with this?

These aren't btw pressing reasons to redo the magic code in circle, just
some ideas on what to do with it for my mud.  Any other ideas, or
criticisms welcome :)

Ghost Shaidan

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