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From: Christoffer Lundberg (avatar@ORION.BODEN.SE)
Date: 05/04/98

On Sun, 3 May 1998, Ghost Shaidan wrote:

> Categories of spells, Call the schools and spheres if you want, but an
> extra bit in the spello to identify the type, healing, protective,
> firedamage, acidamage, magicdamage, etc.  This will allow eq and mobs to
> offer/have resistances against certain affects.  Forexample, that nifty
> ice shield is probably going to melt very quickly when you get hit by a
> fireball spell...

I have implemented a both Elemental Spheres to which all spells belong.
The 'Fireball' for example, belongs wholly to the Sphere of Fire, and will
require some knowledge in the Sphere of Fire.

I also have solved the problem that occured for me with the 'teach' code.
I thought it was a little lame (could only teach others spells/skills
they already have got, with 0%). I implemented Skillgroups. Each skill
and spell belongs to a Skillgroup. And each Skillgroup belongs to a class.
Ofcourse, if several classes has the same spell/skill, that spell/skil
will belong to several Skillgroups. To be able to learn a spell/skill
from another Skillgroup than your own, you'll have to study books to get
the amount of knowledge required to be thought that spell/skill.

> Looking at (georges?) patch to add another arguement to spell casting, to
> allow casting in a certain direction, to allow things like room affect
> spells. (I think ill need to do a bit more, just some room flags, or maybe
> another entry in the room struct of what kind of effect)

I used it to implement Magnitudes (i.e. Spell "pump-ups") where you
can type a number (i.e. cast <number> '<spell>' <target>) and get a
more powerful spell.

This suited just fine in my Mutant Chronicles MUD.

> Ghost Shaidan

* Christoffer

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