Re: [CODE] [QUESTION] Fighting procedure

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 05/04/98

At 10:03 AM 5/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hmm... I did something like this. It was inspired by Dan K.'s post a while
>about a speed based combat system.  (i think it is on the snippet site (it
>should be))
>* You increase the fight check from once every 2 seconds to once every .5
>* Add a time to next hit to the non-saved player struct.
>* in fight.c:perform_violence() if(next_hit >0) {next_hit--;continue;}
>* in fight.c:hit() right at the beginning calculate the next time this person
>will attack.
>* base this time off of dex, a bit of randomness, AFF_SLOW/HASTE, how much
>char is wearing/holding, how much move the char has, how heavy the weapon is
>compared to the char's weapons limit, whether or not the char succeeds his
>attack skill_rolls, and so forth.  I also add another half to damage if
the char
>is at 15%HP and 2/3 damage is the char is at 15% or less move.
>I still have some timing issues with this system (the turns can take a while
>some time) but it works wonderfully.

My suggestion:
if the turns take too long, have it check to see who will make the next
hit.  then add one to both people, and subtract the "time to go" for the
faster one from both people.  I'm sorry if this is vague, it's just an
idea, and I'm late for school.


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