[CODE] [QUESTION] Fighting procedure

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 05/04/98

Hmm... I did something like this. It was inspired by Dan K.'s post a while back
about a speed based combat system.  (i think it is on the snippet site (it
should be))
* You increase the fight check from once every 2 seconds to once every .5
* Add a time to next hit to the non-saved player struct.
* in fight.c:perform_violence() if(next_hit >0) {next_hit--;continue;}
* in fight.c:hit() right at the beginning calculate the next time this person
will attack.
* base this time off of dex, a bit of randomness, AFF_SLOW/HASTE, how much the
char is wearing/holding, how much move the char has, how heavy the weapon is
compared to the char's weapons limit, whether or not the char succeeds his extra
attack skill_rolls, and so forth.  I also add another half to damage if the char
is at 15%HP and 2/3 damage is the char is at 15% or less move.

I still have some timing issues with this system (the turns can take a while
some time) but it works wonderfully.

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Subject:  [CODE] [QUESTION] Fighting procedure
Date:    5/2/98 2:40 PM

I have noticed that the fighting procedure in Circle is quite wierd.
If I attack a mobile, then I will strike my first attack (This is good,
but then comes the wierd part).

Then, the procedure will go like this:

<Enemy Strikes all their Attacks>
<You Strike all your Attacks>

I would like some suggestions on how to make the procedure a little more
random. Like:

<You attack>
<You manage to Attack again>
<The enemy strikes>
<You strike once more, all attacks used up>
<The enemy strikes>
<The enemy strikes their last attack>

You see here, that in the standard procedure, the attacks comes in just an
ugly row. That is very irritating sometimes. The example shows that the
combatants strikes a little more random (Maybe an Inititative-system or
something, I don't know. Have only managed to get crashes when trying to
add something like that).

What can be done? Any suggestions. (I have the Multi_attacks snippet).


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