Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE] Very Frustrated

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 05/04/98

At 03:18 AM 5/3/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I edited makefile just like it says not to... but in this patch i have for
>making alias' save it says to add alias.o in the obj files, and i did that,
>but i added it in the wrong place, it compiled all the way to my error,
>then i fixed it, reuploaded makefil, and it is still stuck in the same
>spot, how do i start makefile fresh so I don't keep getting the same error?
>Please respond soon I want to go to sleep *beg*

Send copies of what you're having to problem with a more detailed
description??? Kinda hard to tell you what to do when we dont know what
you're doing.

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