MOB classes & algorithms

From: Lubos Lunak (l.lunak@SH.CVUT.CZ)
Date: 05/04/98

 When I was mortal, I got bored after few weeks of playing, because the
game was too easy, and it was easy because the mobiles were really
stupid. When I became a GrGod and a coder, I wanted to change this and
after I found the mobprogs patch, I spent a lot of time fixing all the
terrible bugs and improving it. But the mobprogs are a bit slow (
486dx33 :(  ) and they have some other disadvantages, so I've decided to
implement mobclasses.

 My idea is every class will have its own fight abilities ( dragon
breaths, fire spells, etc. ) and it will choose what it will do
depending on the situation ( not just switch( number() ), but
"intelligent" decision ), and maybe class_leader, which will control a
group of mobiles and will decide what to do ( mob A, heal mob B;  mob C,
rescue mob D; everyone retreat, etc ), or maybe it's going to be a
mob_leader flag instead, I've not fully decided yet.

 The problem I have is that this will need a lot of code ( complicated
of course, lot of if's, arrays, etc. ... anyone has a better idea ? )
and I'd like to know if someone knows where I can find similar pieces of
code. I have several code bases ( DG, SMAUG, MERC ), but only in DG
source are some interesting functions implementing "smart" mobs ( some
of them look good, but the mobiles still don't help much each other ).

Can someone tell me where I can find such functions ? Or do I have to
write it all myself ?


PS: I apologize for my bad English.

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