Re: Keeping track of player info

From: Michael Legac (mlegac@SLIP.NET)
Date: 05/04/98

        I'm working on a quest oriented mud too. I use the word 'quest' loosely -
talking to a npc can be a 'quest'. I use a 1024 byte array for each
player... Seem too big? Well, I've always hated how quests are spoiled.
Instead of going through the predetermined steps, players can find out the
end step (killing  mob etc) from other players and just do that part. By
setting quest flags for many events you can make it so npc C will only talk
to the player if he has completed a task given to him by npc B who the
player was sent to from npc A.
        I'm against long and drawn out delivery boy quests; stuff you'd recognize
from console rpgs etc, but it makes it kinda cool when npcs will only help
you if they have a reason; lots of muds with quests have random mobs
spewing out secrets.
        Anyways, I use the array for levels of completeness; 0 indicates the quest
hasn't been done, 1 - 7 various steps, and of course complex quests can use
the next index of the array. You can link it to everything - getting an
object to killing a certain mob to seeing if objects or mobs will load. If
a player is on a quest, make him get ambushed as they cross a certain road
- but only once ever. The possiblities are endless.


At 01:08 PM 5/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I want to add some built in quest adventures that players
>can complete to do things such as increase an attribute
>one point or give them a specific skill. I need some ideas
>on how I could keep track of what quests a player has done,
>mainly to prevent them from doing the quest again. (I do
>not want a player racking up some strengths points, etc...)
>I thought about using the spares in the player file but I
>would be limited in how many items I could keep track of.
>Any ideas?
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