From: Seung Yul Lee (sylee@INTERGATE.BC.CA)
Date: 05/04/98

this may sounds strange and stupid but i really want to know..
I want to erase all skill and spells that are currently in the CircleMUD.
I erased SKILL_* from all the files and SPELL_* too.
Also deleted everyfile that i think is not needed when skills and spells are gone
But somehow.. i get so many errors and warning after all the deleting and erasing..
i kinda need a help here..
What exactly do i have to delete?

why do i want to erase all skill and spells?
'cuase i would like to make my own skill and spell system that is
quiet different from the Circle.. Also, i personally don't like how
spells are cast in circlemud..

anyway.. plz help..
thanx :)

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