[REDHAT] 5.0 might wana know

From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 05/05/98

        Hello I have posted here a few times with problems i have had
since i moved to a redhat machine and i solved them all tonight as if by
magic. I had a horrible memory problem for awhile and have been combing
code for quite awhile. I finnaly went back to my first thoughts that it
was the port to new os. I took a look aconfig.log and saw malloc was no
supported (as was with my old site w/o a problem) and went looking for
a patch and found one at sunsite.unc.edu ftp site. malloc.tar.gz compiled
it and moved libmalloc.a and gmalloc.o to /usr/lib and where you have to
add -lcrypt for mud to link under red hat include -lmalloc
        When i did so all my problems ended.
May not be a problem on your redhat, but if so or as you move away froms
tock with changes and see stuff of sort, try this

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