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From: Tony Maro (tmaro@TACSYS.COM)
Date: 05/05/98

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                      (I reserve myself from spelling errors :)

Fysical Damage   - As it sounds... raw hits
Magical Damage   - Something pure magical
Fire Damage      - Something Very hot
Cold Damage      - Something very cold
Asphoxic Damage  - poison, acid etc etc
(I bet there can be more of them)

*** Wow!  You can spell Asphoxic but not Physical... *grin*

We have the mob "Sigwald" and he is the only mob on the MUD that has the
special item "SmurfDildo" wich gives 10% fysical resistance.
Now allot of players will try to get that item for sure. But "Sigwald" has
100% fysical resistance, so you must have mages that hides behind the tank
(one in front) and casts spells.

*** Now, if you had a PC class of Smurf, I'm sure the SmurfDildo would be in
great demand - simply as a social tool!  Perhaps you could instead find this
item in Smurfett's 'shroom house hiding under her bed (or by her bath.)

On a more serious note, I like the idea that to get a particular object you'd need
to master a certain type of damage.  You can also use this to do things
like break locks, open magical doors, etc. based on your proficiency (or
ownership of a specific style item) in a particular field.  You have to master
fire magic (or have a fire weapon) to kill the ice-beast and get the crystal shield,

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