[IDEA] Damage types -> Armor types

From: David Wiklund (mathrim@HEM1.PASSAGEN.SE)
Date: 05/05/98

When I saw the notes about the slash/pierce etc etc armor types a little
idea popped into my head. (unlikely I know :P)

Well here it is...  (donno if some1 has done this)

What if instead of piercing/slashing etc have just a few damagetypes for
weapons/spells. My idea is doing them like this :
                      (I reserve myself from spelling errors :)

Fysical Damage   - As it sounds... raw hits
Magical Damage   - Something pure magical
Fire Damage      - Something Very hot
Cold Damage      - Something very cold
Asphoxic Damage  - poison, acid etc etc
(I bet there can be more of them)

Now if I take spells for an example, if we have say fireball that wouldn't
do magical damage cause it is in nature fire.
The mage only uses magic to summon the fireball.
(I hope you all get my point about defining different damage types to
different items/spells)

Now let's say that we only have these damage types then we have ArmorClass
on each one of these damage types ranging from 1-100% (100% being immune,
hopefully impossible for players to get)

Now this would make the monsters more flexible, for instance :

We have the mob "Sigwald" and he is the only mob on the MUD that has the
special item "SmurfDildo" wich gives 10% fysical resistance.
Now allot of players will try to get that item for sure. But "Sigwald" has
100% fysical resistance, so you must have mages that hides behind the tank
(one in front) and casts spells.

I ain't this secure on how the partysystem works in Circle (never grouped :)
but if the leader doesn't take all the heat at all time (except in area
spells) then the party system must change.

I hope I have been clear explaining this :)

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