Re: [GAMEPLAY] Set standards for objects

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 05/05/98

Great idea about using credits to build items.  I am going to have to get to
work on that right away.  I do have a question for you though.  How do
wands/staves/scrolls/potions fit into this system?  Think i have it but i am
interested in seeing a fully balanced version of your system to work with. (need
to include anti-race, aff_, ITEM_ (glow/magic/invis), and remort only flags.  I
would argue for adding a system like this into the standard version of the code
for helping with balancing a mud (one of the most painful things ever). And
especially adding it to the various OLC's.

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Subject: Re:  [AD + GAMEPLAY] Set standards for gameplay
Date:    5/5/98 12:46 AM

for objects, we decided to use a credit type system. for example, every
item gets the level restriction in credits that can be spent to give the
object advantages (plusses to dam, str, etc). also, credits can be gained
by giving disadvantages. this is not used for eq meant to be used by less
than level 10, and newbie eq is approved on a per case basis..but it works
pretty well for greater than's the actual template that we
give to our builders..


Arrow Average Damage Template:
Note: Arrows are a special item, similiar to wands in that they have a certain
amount of charges.

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